Mom, wife, ASFA certified trainer, with an exercise science & nutrition degree.  


As a trainer, my intentions are to enhance my clients quality of life by going above and beyond expectations and together achieving all health and fitness goals. Every day as a trainer, I have the opportunity to impact people's lives in a positive way. I’m here to assist and motivate them on their fitness journey. I excel in small group training, weight-loss, and strength and conditioning. When not working or working out I love visiting different beaches with my family. I'm not a long distance runner but something about the sand and ocean brings out the inner runner in me. I played all sports at all different levels growing up and played collegiate level softball. I look forward to being your motivator. 



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I'm not your average fitness coach. I didn't grow up athletic or out fact I was very over weight most of my life. I was never taught exercise or nutrition, and actually had no clue about calories till my early 20's when I hit a whopping 250lbs. I had had enough hiding from cameras and wearing over sized clothes and decided to start my journey. It took several years of yo-yo diets and failed attempts. In 2016 I got serious and signed up for two NPC bodybuilding competitions where I placed first in my class and became nationally qualified. I had lost over 100lbs and had totally reshaped my body. While I no longer wish to compete, I do want to help others who were like me. I want to educate and inspire others to take on pursuing a better version of themselves, a version they are proud of. So whether your goal is weightloss, building muscle, or just to feel better and healthier I'm here to help!!


My name is Taylor McWhirter, born and raised here in Clarksville, TN. I have always lived an active lifestyle playing baseball, basketball, and football. While growing up I was always around a training facility. My active lifestyle and hobbies shortly became my passion. I desire to help and lead others on their fitness journey. My passion isn't the only thing I have, I am also an ISSA Certified personal trainer whose goal is helping others to live healthier lives. I specialize in weight-loss, strength and conditioning. In my spare time away from the gym (which isn't often) I officiate football, coach a summer travel ball baseball team, and stay actively involved with Rossview's basketball team. After the gym you can often find me enjoying a protein shake, and hanging out with my 3yr old golden Retriever, Tyson. To start today, schedule appointments, consultations, and sessions you can contact me.


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I am US Army retired, I was born and raise in Georgia. Served numerous  tours in Iraq from 2000 – 2013. After that I competed in men’s Physique competition, where I learned more about physical fitness and the importance of it. I graduated from APSU with an BFA, and on track to receive my degree in Exercise Science. I am a ASFA certified personal trainer who excels in muscle development. I am a Master fitness trainer for the US Army, and I am really happy to be apart of the family at Battle Ground Fitness and to help you meet your GOALS.


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I am a highly motivated individual. I am ISSA certified and specialize in numerous areas of fitness. I am able to help you meet your individual fitness goals. I have been in the fitness industry for ten years, doing personal training for 5 years and group fitness classes for 2 years. My hobbies include hiking, bodybuilding, and competing in figure competitions. My goal is to make your fitness dreams become a reality. 

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